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Take Your Pick


Gratitude is the antidote to intense sadness. You can either be grateful or you can be sad. Take your pick.

Click here for Source Article by Om Swami: When All is Not Well

Quote taken from Om Swami’s Book on Depression (When All is Not Well):

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One comment on “Take Your Pick

  1. This statement could not be more true. Three years ago, with help from a very present holy spirit, I learned this lesson for myself. Although I used to be plagued with bouts of depression throughout life, I am no longer afflicted with this problem. Inexplicably, whenever I start to feel down, I am overcome with a powerful feeling of gratitude and end up looking at my former attitude with a kind of detachment. It still surprises me, this inability to let myself suffer, but I sure am greatful for it, no pun intended.

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